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OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education

OECD. Review of Tertiary Education, OECD Publishing. 2008

  • Iceland. ISBN: 978-926-403-920-9. Pages: 112.
  • Mexico. ISBN: 978-926-403-923-0. Pages: 158.
  • New Zealand. ISBN: 978-926-403-927-8. Pages: 124.
  • Croatia. ISBN: 978-926-403-914-8. Pages: 108.

In the past few months, four new OECD publications on higher education in selected countries saw the light of day as part of the OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education series. 14 countries had been selected for thematic country reviews (we reported on previous reviews, e.g. on Australia and  the Netherlands). The four recent reports focus on Iceland, Mexico, Croatia and New Zealand and give an in-depth analysis of tertiary education policies in the respective countries, following the same structure:

  • an overview of the country's tertiary education system;
  • an account of domestic trends and developments in tertiary education;
  • an analysis of the country’s strengths and challenges in tertiary education; and
  • recommendations for future policy development.

The reports can be ordered on the OECD online bookshop.