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OECD report on teaching and learning assessment for adults

OECD, Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Adults: Improving Foundation Skills, OECD, Paris: 2008. ISBN: 9789264039902. Pages: 220.

Adults with low skills in language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) are numerous in many OECD countries. The consequences of the low foundation skills span the economic, health and social well-being of individuals, families and communities. Investment in this sector of adult education is therefore crucial. But what is known about whether and how programmes are meeting the needs of diverse learners?

This study looks at the programmes for adult LLN learners, with a focus on the frequent assessment of learner understanding and progress to identify needs and shape teaching and learning. Drawing upon evidence gathered in country reports, exemplary case studies, and international literature reviews, it examines the impact and implementation of different teaching, learning and assessment practices for adult LLN learners and the policies that support or hinder effective practice.

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