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OECD on Tertiary Education in the OECD area

OECD has just come out with a report on Higher education based on an investigation into about 30 OECD countries Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society: OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education: Synthesis Report (April 2008). The report wants to

    • Provide an international analysis of tertiary education policy issues;
    • Draw attention to effective policy initiatives in participating countries;
    • Suggest a comprehensive framework to guide tertiary education policy development;
    • Identify priorities for follow-up work at national, regional and international levels; and
    • Propose policy directions.

The report comes up with about ten tables of recommendations for the development of tertiary education in the OECD area.  These include strategies for national and institutional priorities, quality and innovation, cooperation with industry as well as internationalization and academic careers.  They are well worth studying not least with a view to where the OECD secretariat thinks we are going/should go.

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