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OECD: higher education policy analysis – 2005-2006

Education Policy Analysis: Focus on Higher Education – 2005-2006. OECD, 2000. ISBN: 9264022708. Pages: 164.

In late 2006, OECD published its annual Education Policy Analysis. The report highlights that key policy objectives in OECD countries are improving the quality, equity and efficiency of education systems and major reforms are concerned with making lifelong learning opportunities available to all.

The main sections in Education Policy Analysis 2005-2006 address issues such as:

  • achieving quality, equity and efficiency in higher education;
  • policy directions for the growing international market in higher education;
  • valuing teachers: how to meet aspirations and enhance motivation;
  • new tools for teaching and learning: formative assessment to help all students succeed;
  • gender differences and mathematics: performance, attitudes and motivation.
OECD: Education Policy Analysis 2005-2006