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OECD – From Education to Work: A Difficult Transition for Young Adults with Low Levels of Education

(June 2005) This book presents the results of the project on Young Adults with Low Levels of Education, conducted jointly by the OECD and the Canadian Policy Research Networks. It examines the extent to which young men and women with low levels of education are marginalised, the role family background plays in making it possible to complete the recognised minimal level of education, and how immigrants overcome the cultural and language gaps to find employment.

Related Report - "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: How Perceptions of Costs and Benefits Affect Access to Education" (Toronto, ON 07 July 2005) A report released today by the Educational Policy Institute (EPI) finds that children from lower-income families may not be attending university because of serious misperceptions about the cost and value of post-secondary education.

“The policy implications of such mis-estimation of costs and benefits of education are relevant to all stakeholders concerned with equitable access to education.” The full report is available in pdf format (see below) or can be located through the Educational Policy Institute’s main webpage at

OECD publication
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