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OeaD – two new funding programmes

ACA’s Austrian member, the OeaD, recently announced the launch of two new funding instruments. One of them, called “Cooperation Development Research”, is a support scheme for development research. The instrument provides support for cooperation projects between Austrian higher education institutions and research institutes and their counterparts in the Global South. Projects last for between one and three years and can be funded with up to EUR 50,000. Eligible costs are travel/accommodation and material. Projects need to tackle concrete local challenges and contribute to the attainment of the Global Development Goals. The programme, which is open to all disciplines, is managed by OeaD, both for Austrian applicants and such from the Global South.

A second project provides top-up funding for Erasmus+ outbound credit mobility from Austria – particularly to non-European destinations. This way, the EUR 4 million available for temporary study and traineeships abroad from the EU budget are complemented by EUR 900,000 from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The two sources together provide funding for about 1,200 stays around the world within a total of 38 mobility projects in the academic year 2019/2020. The programme is delivered by OeAD.


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