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October ACA Seminar: 12 years with global university rankings

Global university rankings are “here to stay”, as higher education experts predicted more than a decade ago when the first global university ranking was launched by Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2003. Indeed, rankings have only grown in number and prominence over time, with more of them entering the global and national arena each year. The proliferation of rankings implies that higher education institutions (HEIs) can no longer turn a blind eye to them. In one way or another, HEIs have to either make use of rankings or minimise the damage caused by others relying on rankings to outshine them at home or abroad. 
On 15 October, ACA’s 47th European Policy Seminar will present a panoramic (re)view of rankings. We will look at rankings used as information tools, rankings used as marketing tools, the mutation and multiplication of rankings in the past few years, and the latest methodological changes in the production of global university rankings. 
This intensive one-day seminar promises to be an interactive platform for HEI practitioners, ranking providers, independent researchers, and higher education consultants to exchange the latest information and diverse views on all matters related to (global) rankings. ACA’s European Policy Seminar series has gradually established itself as one of the highly-valued open fora for stakeholders in higher education. Each seminar welcomes around 100 participants from around Europe. We look forward to having you join as one of the 100 to the rankings seminar! Register before 15 September and enjoy our early bird rates!