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Nuffic to set up Netherlands Education Support Office in India

Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for international cooperation in higher education and one of ACA’s establishing members, has announced to put more effort into attracting Indian students for studies in the Netherlands. The two Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESO) desks in Ahmedabad and Chennai will be merged and transformed into a full-fledged office, set up in India’s ‘silicon valley’ Bangalore. The office will open in 2014 and will be headed by Nuffic’s expert on India Peter de Bruijn.

With a growing middle-class, large numbers of outgoing international students and continuously increasing interest in higher education India has become an attractive market for higher education. According to a study published by the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) in 2012, the number of Indian overseas students rose by 256 % from 2000 to 2009 and is likely to rise in the future, clearly demonstrating a demand for higher education abroad. Earlier in 2008, Nuffic acknowledged the role of India as an important market for higher education by setting up NESO desks in Ahmedabad in north-western province of Gujarat, and Chennai in the south-eastern province of Tamil Nadu.

The transformation of the two NESO desks into a full-fledged office similar to those in Beijing, Moscow, Mexico City, Brasilia, Bangkok, Jakarta and other cities points to the Netherlands’ growing interest in the Indian higher education market.

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