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Nuffic: flexible funding and new branding

The Ministry of Education, Culture & Science is Nuffic’s largest single source of income, accounting for seventy percent of their revenue. Traditionally, the Ministry has provided Nuffic’s funding annually. The money was made available in the form of various ‘targeted subsidies’, each with a different purpose.

However, for the coming four years, Nuffic has been granted a single lump sum with no amounts earmarked in advance for a specific purpose. The level of funding made available is based on a plan of activities and the corresponding budgets. Because the funding is provided for a four-year period, money can be transferred from one year to the next until the end of the four years. This will allow greater budgetary flexibility.

Nuffic will also receive additional funding for new activities. Of interest, the branding of Dutch higher education will attract extra funding for two years, while alumni policy (supporting alumni of the Netherlands) will benefit from permanent funding. This funding will increase Nuffic’s resources to project their higher education globally.