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Nuffic and European Platform to merge

International connectedness is becoming increasingly common, and increasingly important. For this reason, from 1 January 2015, the European Platform and Nuffic will be joined in a new alliance that will be able to offer more than the sum of their existing parts. The new organisation, called EP-Nuffic, will cater for the entire Dutch education sector, providing support and advice in matters of internationalisation. 

With its headquarters in The Hague and eleven offices globally, the new organisation will be striving for a world in which everyone profits from internationalisation. International connections will serve to enrich the knowledge and experience of pupils, students and instructors. Knowledge exchange will strengthen countries and institutions, and cross-border activities will provide a substantial impetus for the Dutch economy and society as a whole. Driven by these aims, EP-Nuffic is positioned to be the new bedrock of internationalisation in education in the Netherlands.