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Nuffic: A) NESO network expanded; B) Two Nuffic publications

A) Nuffic expands its worldwide NESO network
The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science announced that the Nuffic will be opening 6 new Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESOs). NESOs are a joint project of Nuffic, the Dutch organization for international cooperation in higher education, and the Dutch higher education institutions. They were first established in 2001 in Beijing and Taipei, followed by Jakarta and Hong Kong in 2002 and 2003 respectively. In 2005, offices will start their activities in Vietnam and India; the Vietnam office was opened in November. From next year onwards offices will also be established in Mexico, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil and Thailand. The program runs till 2009 and will be evaluated in 2007-2008. NESOs are strategically established in countries with a growing number of students seeking international mobility. The role of the network’s offices is to raise the profile of Dutch higher education in the host countries, and to encourage two-sided cooperation and mobility between education institutions.

B) Two Nuffic Publications

  • Nuffic has published the proceedings of the May 2005 conference "A Changing Landscape". The theme of the conference was the effectiveness of support to higher education and research in developing countries. The full text of the contributions, video clips of the presentations, alayses and surveys of the written and spoken contributions are available on a CD-Rom provided with the book.
  • International Mobility in Education in the Netherlands. This is the title of the 2004 edition of the BISON monitor. For this edition, the report has been revamped in content and name. It focuses primarily on statistical data. It does not just examine mobility in higher education, but also the trends in Dutch adult education, vocational training, primary and secondary education.