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Norway and Spain should boost innovation, study recommends

As in the case of Switzerland (see earlier in this edition), the OECD has also warned Spain and Norway to boost their innovation policies. For these two countries however these recommendations came from economic surveys, which also focused on recent developments in economy and finance, labour market, and goods and services markets.

The common conclusion for both countries regarding innovation stems from different factors. Norway, though noted for its high productivity growth and innovation support, relies largely on existing technologies instead of exploring new ones. To preserve growth potential and competitiveness, Norway needs more innovative activity and technical competency. The OECD suggests some economic measures concerning competition and private ownership, but also emphasises government support for producing more qualified teachers in maths, science and technology. In the case of Spain, the OECD identifies poor technological innovation performance, and proposes additional measures for enhancing this field.

The full economic surveys can be ordered through the OECD website.

Economic survey of Norway 2007
Economic survey of Spain 2007