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Northern Cyprus universities and the Bologna Process

The recent ministerial summit meeting in London on the Bologna Process was marked by an intense discussion on the status of Northern Cyprus’s universities. As Northern Turkish Cyprus is not recognised by the EU, debate on the “right to education” and “educational embargoes” on this part of the island were entertained. However, chances of Bologna recognition being granted to Northern Cyprus seemed very slim since it has not met membership criteria: member countries of the Bologna Process are expected to have ratified the European cultural convention. Ministers of Education of the countries in the Bologna Process have met once every two years to follow the progress on the European higher education area (EHEA), producing at the same time a stocktaking report and a communiqué agreed by the countries involved. This year, the London communiqué recognised Montenegro as a new member of the Bologna Process. Despite efforts made by the Turkish Delegates, the final communiqué failed to mention the representation of Turkish Cypriot universities in the Bologna Process.