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Nordic-Russia cooperation: continuous commitments on research and education

The Nordic-Russian co-operation program in higher education and research lives on, with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) deciding to run the program through 2016-2017 and providing it with backup of 14 million Danish Krona (1.9 million Euros) in funding.

NMR’s biggest co-operative program with Russia, based on a mutual agreement established 2011 with the Russian Ministry of Education and Research, aims to promote multifaceted and sustainable collaborative ties between the countries in the field of education and research, focusing on:

  • Mobility programs for faculty and students
  • Training of experts
  • Joint research and promotion of innovations
  • Enhancing direct links between educational/research organisations and companies concentrated on innovative technology
Cooperative practice in the program will place special emphasis on the attraction of students and young faculty, and the expansion of partnerships will be important for augmenting intellectual and financial resources for joint activities. 

Funding for the continued two-year program needs to be matched by Russian partners, and is split in half with equal amounts allocated to the areas of 1) joint research projects, run by NordFork, an NMR institution 2) joint education and training projects run by the Norwegian Centre for International Co-operation in Education (SIU). Funding applications are now welcome. 

Putting the spotlight on education and research appears as a sustainable collaborative-platform for continuing the Nordic governments’ work on developing the historical ties it shares with its eastern neighbour.

The Nordic Council of Ministers
Nordic-Russian Joint Programme in Higher Education and Research