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Non-vocational adult education in Europe

Non-Vocational Adult Education in Europe. Executive Summary of National Information on Eurybase. (Working document). Eurydice. Brussels: European Commission, January 2007. Pages: 89 (available online).

The information network on education in Europe, Eurydice, has presented a general survey of national policies in the area of adult education throughout Europe. The survey was requested in late 2005 by the European Commission and covers the period 2005-2006.

The study compares approaches to formal and non-formal non-vocational adult education (NVAE) throughout Europe. NVAE is said to have evolved as a central policy issue in many countries as a result of Europe’s struggle to adjust to growing economic and social pressures. The survey covers about ten key topics, including funding, target groups, accessibility, organisation, content, qualifications, quality, guidance and teacher training.

Built mainly on the Eurydice 33-country database (available on Eurydice’s website) and information gathered by the network’s national units, this report has contributed to the Commission’s Communication “Adult learning: it is never too late to learn” of October 2006.

Non-Vocational Adult Education in Europe