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News from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

NAWA supports foreign students with a webinar series

Within 30 March, 2020 and 6 May, 2020 NAWA conducted a series of “COVID-19 webinars” that were part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic related challenges. Since they have recognized demand for both reliable information on quickly changing academic environment and some form of emotional support for foreign students residing in Poland, idea of webinars aimed with tackling this issues seemed to be a perfect solution. It enabled (almost) direct contact with speakers and updating participants with important information that was not always  available in English in other sources.

More information here.

Digital Ambassadors - Power of diversity

In January 2020 NAWA  selected 18 digital ambassadors representing 15 different countries. On 13 December 2019, when was first announced the contest "Digital Ambassadors" so many candidates, coming from 6 continents and representing extremely high level, were not expected . Many of the applicants have been already very active in all kind of social media promoting Poland and their Polish universities. Digital Ambassadors’ tasks are, among others, support of the "Ready, Study, GO!" Poland campaign, promotion of studies in Poland among foreigners with special focus on country of origin, regular preparation of content for social media pages, showing why it is fun to live & study in Poland. Apart from the activities mentioned above, digital ambassadors’ support during the COVID-19 is priceless.

More information here.