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News from the DAAD and Germany


Resolution concerning the internationalisation of teacher training

In November, 150 experts discussed the internationalisation of teacher training at an event organized by DAAD in Berlin. Participants expressed their concerns and recommendations in a resolution to the new federal government, the federal states and other bodies involved such as the DAAD, KMK (Conference of Education Ministers), HRK (German Rectors’ Conference).

Participation rates in study abroad are below average for future teachers. Better incentives are needed through changes in policy and administrative procedures. The experts offered seven suggestions:

  • Simplifying the mobility opportunities for students in teacher training
  • Making it possible to gain practical experience in teaching at non-German schools
  • Staying in a foreign country during studies should be a must 
  • International experience of students needs to be rewarded
  • Teachers already at schools today should be encouraged to gain experience internationally as well
  • Internationalisation is not a one-way-street. Students from foreign countries should be welcomed to perform teacher training studies in Germany. They should also be able to work as a teacher at German schools
  • Through more international cooperation, internationalisation at home can be fostered. Due to the lack of resources, the governments are asked to give adequate incentives.
For more information, click here and here. (both in German)
Internationalisation of higher education

In order to meet future challenges, German and European higher education institutions need to become more international. During a seminar in Brussels organised by the DAAD and the German Permanent Representation to the EU, strategies for the internationalisation of higher education, set-up at a European, national and institutional level, were discussed. 

For more information, click here, here and here. (all in German)

Support for the youngest state in the world – Scholarships for South Sudanese students

In 2013 the DAAD has given, for the first time, Sur-Place-Scholarships to students from South Sudan. With this support five South Sudanese researchers will be given the chance to study at universities in the neighbouring countries Kenia and Tanzania.  

For more information, click here. (in German)

DAAD awards European Language Label 2013

The European Language Label is an award that encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages. This year the laureates received their prices at the EXPOLINGUA in Berlin on 15 November. 

For more information, click here. (in German)

Go east: A traineeship in Russia

Russia is always worth a trip. In 2012, 29 German students and graduates who obtained a scholarship for traineeships in Russia could profit from this experience. This year, the programme Russland in der Praxis has experienced a lot of interest with 120 applicants.  27 students were sent eastwards. 

For more information, click here. (in German)


PhD at universities of applied sciences?

The education minister Waltraud Wende (non-attached member) of the northern Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein has suggested conferring the right to award doctorate to universities of applied sciences. Schleswig-Holstein would be the first Bundesland to break the German rule that only universities are allowed to supervise PhD-students. The draft report of the minister shall be discussed beginning of next year in her cabinet. At the end of the year 2014, the new higher education legislation could theoretically enter into force. The suggestion has already triggered a wide debate in German media. 

Media report Süddeutsche (in German).

Recommendation from the 15th members’ assembly of the German Rectors’ Conference

A task force from the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) on the Bologna reform has drawn up recommendations for the German higher education institutions as well as for the German government and federal states for a further implementation of the academic reform.


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