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News from Germany

Investments in education and research in Germany increase to  EUR 245 billion The federal government, the federal states, the communes, the economy as well as private households in Germany have invested EUR 245.1 billion in education and research in 2011. This is EUR 31 billion more than in 2008 (plus 14.4%). These numbers were published this month by the Federal Statistical Office. In 2008, the German federal government together with the federal states decided that from 2015 onwards, 10% of the German GDP shall be invested in education and research. In 2011, the investments in those areas reached 9.5%, not far from the initial goal.
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OECD study: Low unemployment amongst German academics vs. low number of students in German higher education The recently published annual OECD study “Education at a Glance 2013“ shows that German academics are less likely to face unemployment than the OECD average. According to the study, only 2.4% of adults with tertiary education are unemployed (OECD average: 4.8%). Furthermore, the study indicates that Germany has one of the highest rates of PhD students per age group (2.7%) and is among the most attractive countries for international students (7.9%). The tradition of dual vocational training has contributed to an educational background above average in Germany: 92% obtain a higher secondary degree vs. 83% in OECD average. At the same time, it contributes to a relatively low number of young adults obtaining a degree in tertiary education (28% in Germany, against 39% OECD average).