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News from DAAD – Rise in student numbers, outward mobility and research funding + TNE

Number of first-year students in 2013 at a high level

In the academic year 2013 more than 506 600 students enrolled at universities. According to the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office, the number of first-year students increased by 2 % compared to 2012. As expected, the shortening of the number of school years from 13 to 12 years in two of the Länder resulted in an increase of student enrolments. North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen saw an increase of 8 and 10 %, respectively. Länder which shortened the school years already last year experienced declines as anticipated.

Since 2000 the number of students increased by almost one million to 2.6 million in winter term 2013/14. Especially technical studies experienced bigger numbers. Compared to 2012 there has been an increase in first-year students in computer science at universities (up 20 %) and in electrical engineering at universities of applied sciences (plus 16.5 %).

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5 % more German students in foreign countries

According to the yearly inquiry by the German Federal Statistical Office the number of German students studying in foreign countries is steadily increasing, and has now reached 134.000. The most popular host countries are Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Switzerland. An increasing number of German students have chosen Portugal, Romania, Turkey and China as study destination. The DAAD president Wintermantel emphasizes the importance of going abroad especially when it comes to personal and professional development.  

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Germany reaches 3% target

In 2012, spending on research and development (R&D) has risen to a record high of EUR 79.5 billion. Thus, spending reached 2.98 % of Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP). Compared to other European countries Germany takes on a leading position. Only Scandinavian countries, such as Finland (3.55 %), Sweden (3.41 %) and Denmark (2.99 %) have spent more on R&D in 2012.

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Transnational education ‘made in Germany’

Whether in Jordan, Egypt, Oman or Vietnam the number of students are steadily increasing for German transnational education (TNE) programmes. The TNE projects are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under the German Study Programmes Abroad programme. Over 17 000 students are enrolled at the seven binational universities. In the past years, over 10 000 students have successfully completed their studies. Their employability is promising due to a very practical approach of the study programmes. 

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