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News from DAAD – Germany benefits from international students + German-Turkish year of research, education and innovation

Germany benefits from international students

A study commissioned by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and carried out by PROGNOS AG shows that Germany benefits economically from the mobility of international students.

The 160 702 foreign students in 2011 made consumption expenditures of EUR 1.531 billion ??in Germany. Compared with the other countries examined in the study (Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Spain), this is the highest value. This consumer spending led to tax revenue in the amount of EUR 400 million, which corresponds to EUR 2 500 per student. In sum, public investment in international students (university places and scholarships) already pays for itself if 30 % of the graduates stay on and work in Germany for at least five years after their graduation.

The German minister for education and research, Johanna Wanka as well as DAAD president Margret Wintermantel welcomed the results of the study. Ms Wintermantel, however, stressed that mobility has positive effects regardless of whether students return to their home countries after graduating or chose to stay in Germany. “Returnees can provide skills that are useful in their home countries while they can also act as friends and ambassadors for Germany”.

A detailed review of the study can be found in the publications section.

DAAD - Press release (in German)

Cooperation between DAAD and the Turkish University Council strengthened in the wake of the German-Turkish year of research, education and innovation

The German-Turkish links in education and research are already well established, characterized among others by the opening of the German-Turkish University in September 2013. The DAAD and the Turkish University Council (YÖK) have now signed, at the occasion of the inauguration of the German-Turkish Year of research, education and innovation, an agreement that shall further intensify this cooperation. Both organisations would like to exchange more researchers and foster cooperation between higher education institutions by conducting joint conferences, information events, as well as by developing and implementing more transnational projects such as German-Turkish study programmes.

Interest in German-Turkish cooperation has significantly increased during the last years: From 400 cooperation projects in 2010 to almost 1000 until today. Turkey holds the 7th rank as one of the most favored cooperation countries among German universities. In addition, Germany is the second most important destination for Turkish students behind the U.S. With 28 500 people, Turkish students are the most represented foreign students in Germany. In the Erasmus programme, Germany is second choice for Turkish students. Turkey is, however, also very interesting for German students: In 2011, 1 337 German students studied at a Turkish university; in the Erasmus programme Turkey has increased its popularity to rank 6

DAAD - Press release (in German)