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News from DAAD and Germany

Pact for the future of the German higher education system

In a strategy paper the German Science Council has presented perspectives for the German higher education system. It was emphasised that politics have to set clear priorities concerning – amongst others – financial infrastructure of higher education institutions. 

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Equal opportunities in higher education and life-long learning programmes

The DAAD supports the claim of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities for an inclusive educational system and provides guidelines for its higher education institutions regarding “mobility with disability and chronic diseases”. 

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More expenditure for education in Germany

Between 2009 and 2010 the overall expenditures for education have risen by 5.1 % per capita, whereas the average increase in other OECD states accounts for 1 %.  These – amongst others – are the findings of a statistical analysis conducted by the Federal Statistical Office and the Statistical Offices of the German Länder. 

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Two countries, two cultures, one university

The first semester has started at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul and welcomes students in three bachelor and two master programmes. According to the German Secretary of Education the university is an important keystone for the internationalisation strategy. 

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More women doing a doctorate 

The enormous efforts made by education and research policies of the government and the German federal states begin to bear fruit. According to a survey of the Federal Statistical Office, the number of women below 45 years with a PhD degree accounts for 41 % in comparison to only 22 % among women above 55.

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DAAD 2020 Strategy: Scholarships for the best students and researchers, structures for internationality, expertise for academic collaboration

The DAAD presents in its strategy 2020 tasks that are essential for internationalising the German higher education system by the end of this decade. The strategy requires the mutual effort of the DAAD, universities, policymakers and their foreign partners.

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Germany woos top scientists and researchers in San Francisco

At the 13th Annual Meeting of the German Academic International Network (GAIN), a joint initiative of the German Academic Exchange Service, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the German Research Foundation, German top scientists and researchers working in the USA and Canada met around 150 top-ranking representatives from German research, politics, and industry. In an interview, DAAD-president Margret Wintermantel, draws her conclusions. 

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New address for the DAAD Brussels office

Since mid-September the DAAD Brussels Office is sharing offices with its Dutch partner organisation Neth-er at the Place de Luxembourg, directly in front of the European Parliament. An official opening of the office will take place in the evening on November 6. The new address is Rue d’Arlon 22, 1050 Brussels. Tel: 0032-2-609 52 89. E-Mail: