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News from CMEPIUS

As national agency for Erasmus+ programme in the last few months, CMEPIUS was dealing with two main tasks – Call 2020 and responding to pandemic measures. In Call 2020, CMEPIUS successfully distributed 98% of KA103 funds (66 projects, 3405 mobilities) and 96% of KA107 funds (12 projects, 660 mobilities), while the KA203 selection process is not yet finalised.

CMEPIUS has been interested in plans and opinion of students and staff about mobilities in the next months, as well as later on in the future of the programme. Therefore, it did a survey among participants (497 students and 133 staff) that were or would have been on mobility in the period between February and May 2020. 312 answers were received, which represents 49.5% response rate. The received feedback was very positive – the vast majority of respondents still want to do their mobility when possible again and they prefer and value physical mobility much more than virtual mobility (see below).

You can read more findings (and other useful information) at CMEPIUS’s webpage.

CMEPIUS also organised quite a few webinars for our HEIs with purpose of understanding their situation and explaining and helping them to deal with the consequences of all the measures due to the pandemic.