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News from Africa: AIDS and teachers, UK cooperation

Ever since the 2001 Kelly Report (Challenging the Challenger) several African institutions have voiced their concern about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and also implemented several actions in the area.  The AAU Working  Group on Higher Education has for some time been concerned about the threat that HIV/AIDS constitutes to teachers, students and administrators in higher education in Africa.  AAU’s HIV/AIDS Core Programme has now composed a Mobile Task Team ” assist and empower ... HEIs to develop policies, programmes, services and knowledge as a response to the impact of HIV/AIDS on HEIs.”  The funding is provided by the Swedish International Development Agency. In other Africa related news, ACA recently drew attention to UK fears of de-valuing international institutional partnerships in the face of agressive student recruitment (ACA Newsletter – Education Europe August 2007).  The UK government recently announced two hefty grants to the AAU and its members.  The first grant of £3m is to support 40 partnership arrangements between English universities and African partners, the second of £3.5m is to the AUU to mobilise capacity and experience at the regional level for revitalising higher education in its member institutions. AAU