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New Zealand boosts international education funding

While many European countries are largely sacrificing their educational budgets to implement austerity measures, New Zealand’s Government has opted to increase the annual funding of international education distributed through the Education New Zealand crown agency by almost one third. This step is part of the government’s bigger effort to implement an ambitious internationally-focused growth package worth NZD 400 million (approx. EUR 251 million) over the next four years.

More specifically, NZD 40 million (EUR 25 million) will be allocated for marketing and promoting New Zealand’s international education industry. The aim is to strengthen New Zealand’s education presence in key markets such as China, India, South East Asia and South America, as well as to attract more international students. The new funding will be invested in:

  • enhancing international student recruitment activities in the existing and new markets;
  • intensifying support for New Zealand international education providers and businesses;
  • improving the overall quality of New Zealand’s education services abroad;
  • encouraging the outgoing mobility of New Zealanders by launching new scholarships and stimulating the use of existing scholarship schemes; and
  • reinforcing New Zealand’s cooperation with international education institutions and governments.

Attracting nearly 100 000 international students and more than NZD 2 billion per year (EUR 1.2 billion), New Zealand’s education sector can be regarded as one of the most competitive in the world. The country’s success on the international education market has been quite prominent even despite relatively limited marketing efforts made by Education New Zealand so far. Changes can also be observed on the key focus of New Zealand’s education marketing policy: while the unique lifestyle experience and tourism are still largely part of it, high quality and the global value of education gained in New Zealand, as well as New Zealand’s ‘soft power’, are getting more and more prominent in the promotional discourse of international education.

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