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New report on study experience and well-being in the Netherlands

More than one thousand international students enrolled at Dutch higher education institutions participated in Nuffic’s survey, which was conducted in late 2021 and early 2022. The main goal was to assess students’ overall experience and state of well-being, as well as to explore the different variables that determined those attitudes, such as, the levels of available emotional, practical and financial support.

The report revealed that 76% of interviewees enjoy their learning experience and 61% are satisfied with their life. However, stress is a common and worrisome trend reported by roughly 760 students. In addition, online education has been associated with higher anxiety levels, but is not  directly connected to study and life satisfaction. Thirdly, the top three sources of concern are academics, future career and the pandemic.

A follow-up discussion with professionals working with international students at 15 different Dutch HEIs was held leading to the production of a number of  recommendations for higher education institutions, including suggestions for pre-departure preparations, socialisation, accessible professional help, closer interpersonal relations with teachers and staff and attention to special needs or disabilities.

This report sheds light to interesting insights about the experiences of foreign students, and, thanks to the recommendations, the Dutch HEIs can strive for more inspiring, well-rounded academic and personal experiences for their student body.

Read the full report here.