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New rankings released by Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

Webometrics has just released their 2006 University Rankings. Webometrics is a world ranking of universities that uses a unique methodology based on the number of online publications and citations for each institute, as reflected by the top internet search engines.

Webometrics is published by a Spanish research group called Laboratorio de Internet (Internet Laboratory) which is part of CINDOC-CSIC (Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation). The centre belongs to the Spanish National Research Council. Its main aim is to analyse, disseminate and promote the scientific information in all the areas of knowledge.

The ranking is based on a combined indicator that takes into consideration the volume of the published material on the web, and the visibility and impact of these web pages measured by the site citations or links they received. The rankings show an overwhelming US superiority regarding internet presence, but while Webometrics offers an interesting alternative to other league tables, it doesn’t have the weight and influence of other respected rankings like Shanghai and Times Higher World Rankings.