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New publication by ACA on governance, funding and attractiveness of Europe’s universities

The future of the university. Translating Lisbon into practice, M. Kelo ed., ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education, September 2006. ISBN 3-932306-78-3

The ACA secretariat is proud to announce that its latest publication “The future of the university. Translating Lisbon into practice”, is available for sale now.

Focusing on the challenges faced by universities in the context of global competition, demographics and the needs of the knowledge economy, this publication addresses specifically the issue of university funding and considers the steps to be taken by European universities in order to enhance their competition at global level. However, the content reaches also further: the wider context of the Lisbon strategy, the potential of transnational education, and the future of the university beyond 2010.

Based on the presentations delivered at the ACA conference “The future of the university”, which was held in Vienna at the end of 2005, this volume features contributions from renowned experts in the field, including ACA’s president Peter Scott, ACA’s director Bernd Wächter, Guy Haug, George Psacharopoulous, Ingvild M. Larsen, Peter M. Maassen, Bjørn Stensaker, Maurits van Rooijen, Rolf Hoffmann and Sohail Innayatullah.

To order your copy, please contact the publisher:

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