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New portal to match students and universities world-wide

International student mobility is on the rise – but how can students make optimal decisions about where to study and how to apply? And how do universities across the globe manage to attract talent in the most efficient manner?

On 15 January 2009, a London-based team of web specialists and academics took up the challenge and launched GlobalCampus, a new online service for universities and prospective students world-wide. The portal enables the latter to build a profile of their attainments and needs and helps universities, on the other hand, to define what sorts of students they are looking for – the result is the GlobalCampus match.

While the portal currently features information on English-speaking countries in particular, there are comprehensive plans for expanding the service to continental Europe and other countries world-wide. Universities and students can create a free profile. As the website is still in its beta phase (“in progress”), users are invited to give their feedback. It will certainly be interesting to see if GlobalCampus will become higher education’s new facebook.