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New milestones in ACA Strategy process

Following the launch of the ACA Strategy development process last month, ACA members were busy this month with two main activities: responding to an internal consultation survey and participating in an online SWOT workshop on 22 April 2022, guided by Gerhard Volz (OeAD), Ranghild Solvi Berg (HK-Dir), Maija Airas (EDUFI), Rúna Vigdís Guðmarsdóttir (Rannís) and Ulrich Grothus, ACA President.

External interviews were also carried out by Heli Aru Chabilan (HARNO) and Raul Ranne (ACA Secretariat) with a few of ACA’s core partners and counterparts at European level, and to whom ACA warmly thanks for valuable time and inputs. The exchanges to date provided new insights into ACA’s uniqueness, added value and future orientation. The strategic adventure continues with a discussion in ACA’s Administrative Council in May, further insights by ACA’s Strategy Committee, and by the upcoming General Assembly in June.