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New MBA in higher education management

The Institute of Education of University College London, the University of Maastricht Business School, the University of Administrative Sciences Speyer and the University of Valencia will, from autumn 2006 on, offer a joint MBA in higher education management. ESMU, a sister organization of ACA, will be the coordinator of this English-taught degree. The two-year programme targets ‘executives’ working in European higher education, but also junior professionals looking to extend their career into the international field.

This is not the first Master programme dedicated to higher education matters. Last year, the University of Kassel opened its Master in higher education, which, unlike the above programme, has less of an economist outlook, which prepares for a wider range of higher education management tasks, inclusive of guidance, evaluation, curriculum development and international academic relations. The University of Oslo, in collaboration with the universities of Aveiro and Tampere, is offering a fairly comparable two-year European Master in higher education.

European MBA in higher education management
University of Oslo Master programme in higher education
University of Kassel Master programme in higher education