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New leaders in DAAD, HSV and SIU

There have been changes in the management of a number of ACA member organisations.

Professor Stefan Hormuth will be the new President of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) from January 2008 onwards. He is to succeed Professor Theodor Berchem, who has been DAAD President for an impressive 20 years. Hormuth is an internationally well-known professor of social psychology and the President of the University of Giessen. He spent his formative academic years in the USA, where he also earned his Ph.D. From 2001 to 2007, he was one of the Vice-Presidents of the German Rectors Conference (HRK), in charge of international affairs.

Swedish ACA member Högskoleverket (HsV) has a new Director. As of 1 August 2007, Professor Anders Flodström will be the head (University Chancellor) of the organisation. He takes over from Sigbrit Franke, the long-time Director of HsV. The 62-year-old is a professor of material physics is a scholar of international renown, who carried out research work around the globe, for example at Xerox Paolo Alto (USA) and HASY Lab in Hamburg (Germany). Flodström‘s most recent positions include that of President of Linköping University (1995) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, since 1999).

Already on 1 July 2007, Professor Sonni Olson took office as the Chair of the Board of the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU). Olsen, who succeeds Knut Brautaset, is the Rector of Finnmark University College, Europe’s northernmost university college, and represents the Norwegian Association of Higher Education institutions (UHR).

We wish all three success and luck in their important tasks.