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New Finnish roadmap for high-skilled migration

The roadmap published this autumn aims to improve Finland’s position in the global competition for international talents and compiles measures to make Finland an attractive country for skilled and competent people and their families.

The objective is to double the current volume of work-based immigration and to triple the number of new foreign degree students by 2030. In addition, the roadmap sets an aim that 75% of foreign degree students remain in Finland and find employment after graduation.  Success in achieving these goals requires seamless digital service paths and the aim is to have the best immigration experience in the world.

The vision of the roadmap summarises the long-term target state by 2035. The vision is that Finland will be an international competitive and attractive place for education, work, business and living. The service pledge and strategic objectives of the roadmap constitute a plan by which the desired target will be reached. An action plan will be drawn up for the roadmap and updated on an annual basis.

The roadmap for education based and work based immigrationis available in English here.