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New ERAWATCH service to help improve research policy making in Europe

A new online service will be launched later on in 2006 which will allow researchers and policy makers to directly compare the research systems, programmes and policies of different countries. Run by DG Research and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and funded by the EU’s Framework Programme, ERAWATCH will gather harmonised information on the research systems of the 25 EU member states, plus the US, China, Japan and other countries participating in the Framework Programme.

The information available on ERAWATCH will include:

  • Overview of each country’s research policies;
  • Latest news;
  • Recent documents;
  • Details of research programmes;
  • Information on funding agencies;
  • Research performance;
  • Indicators on expenditures, publications and patents.

ERAWATCH was first proposed by DG Research back in 2003. It is expected to be online in September.