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New Erasmus grant amount proposed for 2013

As preparation for the new Integrated Programme, MEPs in the culture and education committee adopted the Lifelong Learning report 2007-13 on 13 September. In one of the main sections of the report, rapporteur Doris Pack sought to increase the current 150 euro per month average Erasmus grant to 350 euro by 2013. MEPs agreed to scale back this ambition to 300 euro by 2013

For the Erasmus sub-programme, which promotes student mobility, the committee voted to increase the monthly average grant from €210 in 2007 to €300 in 2013, topping the Commission's requested figures of €200 and €250. Ms Pack called it "particularly worrying" that this, the most popular European grant, has remained at €150 per month since 1993 despite rising costs for students living abroad.

Among other items on the Education, Youth and Culture Council agenda are the dossiers on European cooperation in quality assurance in higher education dossier and lifelong learning. The Commission is currently studying the amendments and will react at the next plenary session in October.

European Parliament press release: Education Committee