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New Edition of the Journal of International Mobility

The Journal of International Mobility is the transdisciplinary scientific review of the Agence Erasmus+ France/ Education et Formation and it publishes contributions relating to all aspects of international mobility in the context of education and training in Europe and in the world. The Journal of International Mobility - No 2 ‘Moving for Education, Training and Research’ has just been published. In this issue you will find scientific contributions on the topics of democratising mobility and assessment of the impact of European and international mobility.

The agency is now launching a call for contributions for the 3rd edition, which will focus on the ’Economic and social impacts of mobility’, addressing questions as: what contribution do mobility projects make to the economy of an institution, a region, a State, or Europe? How do companies benefit from these experiences? What is the impact on social models, interpersonal and intercultural relations? May there be changes in identity or in the emergence of global citizenship?

Scientists, experts and teachers who have taken an interest in these fields of research are invited to submit their contributions on the basis of studies either completed or still in progress, and also to submit the methods applied, together with the tools they may have had to develop for the assessments carried out. 

Contributions may be submitted in French, English, German and Spanish, with format Times New Roman 12, and should be of a maximum length of 33 000 characters including notes, spaces, summary, keywords, and bibliography.

Please send your contributions by email to Agence Erasmus+ France/ Education et Formation or send an email to SHARE