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New developments in hosting services for international students in France

As part of its mission to increase the attractiveness of French higher education abroad, CampusFrance is in the process of creating a network of correspondents in France with the CampusFrance stamp of approval. These contact-points, which are to be implemented in university cities or regional hubs, will provide essential services for international students, such as information on housing and administrative procedures.

The aim of the initiative, which will be based on close cooperation between CampusFrance, higher education institutions and other key stakeholders such as the CNOUS (Le Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) is to ensure that international students will benefit from high-quality hosting services throughout the entire duration of their study stay in France: from before leaving home, upon arrival in France, during their studies and after returning to their home country.

The correspondents will collaborate with CampusFrance’s existing network of 112 overseas offices in 80 countries and benefit from training sessions, increased promotion abroad and assistance in hosting students within the scope of foreign governments’ scholarship programmes.