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New DAAD study „Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society“ (IHES)

The DAAD has commissioned a study on “Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society”, a field that so far has been rarely the focus of research. In its abstract, the authors (Uwe Brandenburg et. al) explain: “The social responsibility component of internationalisation has, to date, rarely been the focus of systemic thinking, conceptualisation or strategy in the broad agenda of internationalisation in higher education. The IHES study is a response to this imbalance, which needs to be addressed because universities also have a contract with and an obligation to wider society.”

The study provides among others a definition of IHES and describes in detail 26 IHES projects as examples of good practice.

The study will be presented at the IHES conference in Prague on 23 and 24 April.

Print copies of the DAAD study (in English) can be ordered here and the PDF is available here