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New DAAD staff in Brussels

Nina Salden, head of the unit Tempus/Erasmus Mundus and EU Third Country Cooperation, has recently been made responsible for heading up the DAAD office in Brussels, while also maintaining her position at DAAD headquarters in Bonn. The DAAD office in Brussels was established in 2007 with support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The office represents both the DAAD and German higher education institutions before the European Union institutions in Brussels. Specifically, the office is tasked with informing DAAD headquarters about EU initiatives and policy developments in higher education with a view to better complementing national and European programmes supporting mobility and the internationalisation of higher education. The office also aims to contribute to EU discussions and programme development, working in close cooperation with the European Commission and organisations like ACA to make sure that higher education remains at the top of the EU agenda.

Ms. Salden worked five years in Brussels in the EU liaison office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) before joining the DAAD in 2007. After two years as head of unit for cooperation with South Eastern Europe, she joined the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation at DAAD. Ms. Salden will be supported in her work by Kerstin Funnemann, also newly appointed to the DAAD Brussels office, but with some four years’ prior experience within the organisation.

DAAD Brussels Office (in German)