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New DAAD impulse paper on German-Russian academic cooperation

DAAD. (2020). New DAAD impulse paper on German-Russian academic cooperation. DAAD, Bonn. 

With the impulse paper "The German-Russian Roadmap: Potentials - Challenges - Cooperation Experiences", the DAAD compiles and evaluates experiences from different scientific disciplines and looks at the framework conditions for academic cooperation with the Russian Federation. 

The “German-Russian Roadmap for Cooperation in Education, Science, Research and Innovation” , adopted in 2018, is considered a good working basis for academic cooperation. In particular, the good level of qualification of young researchers and a high degree of reliability are emphasised as positive experiences of academic cooperation. An expansion of cooperation is particularly attractive in the natural sciences. However, in the humanities, cultural and social sciences, the range of topics that can be worked on together has become noticeably tighter in recent years. Therefore, the inclusion of these disciplines into the “Roadmap” would offer a certain degree of protection to address controversial topics. According to the recommendations in the impulse paper, Russian-German cooperation requires staying power and the composure to overcome administrative hurdles. 

Link (paper only available in German)