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New cooperation agreement signed between Japanese and Cuban Universities

On 16 October the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and the University of Havana signed a five-year agreement, which will provide greater exchange opportunities for students and professors from the two universities. It will also allow members of the institutions’ respective faculties to share experiences in the teaching of Japanese and Spanish and will pave the way for other academic research and training initiatives in areas of study beyond languages. The agreement was signed during the visit of the University of Havana’s rector to Japan, aimed at completing a wide programme of academic exchanges with Japanese universities. 
Cuba’s Ambassador to Japan, Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernández emphasised that this agreement represents only a first step and should be complemented in the immediate future with other actions designed to deepen bilateral cooperation in the teaching of Japanese and Spanish. He also underscored the importance of creating departments for Cuban and Japanese studies in these institutions to help “foster friendship and mutual understanding” between the two countries. More information