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New challenges in recognition

Council of Europe, New challenges in recognition, Council of Europe higher education series No.10, 2008. ISBN 9789287163318. Pages 129

Recognition of qualifications is one of the key elements of the Bologna Process aiming to establish a European Higher Education Area by 2010. The fair recognition of qualifications is an individual right; it is also important to improving the academic mobility that is an essential goal of the Bologna Process. Put simply, a European Higher Education Area aiming at making it possible for learners and academic staff to move freely within the whole pan-European area to be established by 2010 is unthinkable without adequate provision for the fair recognition of qualifications.

This publication focuses on two topics in particular. First, how qualifications that have not been earned through traditional study programmes at classical higher education institutions can be recognised, and second, recognition in a global context. In addition, this book gives an overview of the national action plans for recognition submitted by all the members of the Bologna Process prior to the London ministerial conference in May 2007.

Council of Europe