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New Campus of Turkish-German University in Istanbul

On January 24, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the new Campus of the Turkish-German University in Istanbul. Founded in 2008, the Turkish-German University stands in the long tradition of Turkish-German relations and is the centre point for scientific and academic cooperation between the two countries. The university currently offers 21 programmes at five different faculties - taught in German, Turkish and English. With currently 2 500 students, the aim is to educate up to 5 000 students at the university, whose diploma will be accepted in both countries. The Turkish-German University shall serve as a centre of international and intercultural experience in teaching and research and uncover new fields of knowledge.Since its founding, the university is financially supported by the DAAD with funding from the German Federal Ministry for education and research. Since 2009, the ministry has invested around EUR 28 Million in the project.