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New British Council study: Social Enterprise in a Global Context – the role of Higher Education Institutions

Plymouth University for the British Council. Social Enterprise in a Global Context: the role of Higher Education Institutions. May 2016 ISBN 978-0-86355-809-2. Pages 21

Set against a context of global growth in higher education, this research seeks to understand and enhance the role of international cooperation between higher education institutions and social enterprises. The study has examined higher education institutions in the following countries: Asia (Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Thailand); Africa (Kenya, South Africa); Europe (Greece, Slovenia, UK); Latin America (Mexico); and North America (Canada, USA).

This study is one of the first to attempt to identify the range of HEI activity in the social enterprise sector. Specifically, the study maps and explores existing partnerships between HEIs and SE; the benefits of existing cooperation; and the impact of such cooperation on a range of stakeholder groups, such as students, social entrepreneurs, and funders. In addition, the study also reviews the approaches used by HEIs to deliver social enterprise skills to students.

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