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New ACA project will map foreign-language-taught programmes in 32 European countries

This month, ACA started a new project on foreign-language-taught programmes in 32 European countries. The project, which is supported by a grant from the European Commission’s DG for Education and Culture, runs until the end of 2007. It will identify, through large-scale surveys, the provision of all bachelor and master programmes in the EU-25, the EFTA-4, as well as in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey which are taught in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese (only where these languages are not the domestic language). The project is a follow up to a large-scale ACA survey carried out in 2001, which mapped, for the first time ever, the availability of programmes taught in English across Europe. However, the earlier project, which resulted in the much-read publication English-Language-Taught Programmes in European Higher Education, covered fewer countries and was limited to English as the language of instruction. The present project will result, like its predecessor, in a trend report to be published in the ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education. It will also produce an online-database of foreign-medium programmes on offer at European higher education institutions. The project is intended to support the efforts of European higher education to effectively inform about and market its products globally. It will be carried out with the help of Friedhelm Maiworm of the Society for Empirical Studies in Kassel/Germany. More information will soon be available on the ACA website.