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New ACA project on student mobility and more…

The international mobility of students has considerably gained ground as a major policy objective in Europe (and beyond) over the last decades. It has also been, since ACA’s inception in 1993, one of our focus areas. ACA has built a strong reputation in the field through a variety of activities, but most of all with its 2006 EURODATA publication, which determined significant changes in data collection definitions, together with some of the most important international data collectors. It was high time for a sequel.

With the financial support of the European Commission, and in collaboration with highly-reputed partners - Ulrich Teichler, Ute Lanzendorf, Sandra Bürger, HIS and ACA members DAAD and CampusFrance - ACA embarks on a new project to investigate mobility developments in higher education. Building on the knowledge gained through the previous EURODATA initiative, the study will portray the main trends in student mobility into and out of Europe, and will incorporate important additional dimensions, such as academic staff mobility. Last but not least, it will explore the motivations behind the observed trends and give recommendations on how to increase both students and staff mobility.