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New "ACA Friends Package" offers reduction on all ACA seminars and conferences

Greetings and welcome to the new ACA Newsletter - Education Europe.

I wanted to take a minute to inform you of some changes for the ACA website and Newsletter.  For the past six months, we have been focusing on quality and the perspective of our subscribers in an extensive development process of our news service and have a new name "ACA Newsletter - Education Europe" to reflect these changes.  Further, we are formalising the subscription process of the Newsletter in order to improve the service.  Starting today, all ACA Newsletter readers will be asked to create a user name and password

For over 50 monthly editions, the ACA Newsletter has remained a service focused on EU education policy and emerging opportunities in the field of international education. Because interest in the news service continues to grow, the decision was made to offer an annual subscription.  All users will be offered a free two-month trial of the Newsletter. After the two-month trial period, all non-Members will be asked to choose a subscription option if they wish to become an "ACA Friend" which provides access the complete Newsletter and offers a reduction on seminars and the ACA conference. The price for the ACA Friends package is 120 Euros per year, or 80 Euros per year for the Newsletter only. Quality and comprehensive coverage will be a high priority in our services.

To become an ACA Friend today: 
  1. Once the registration process is complete, go to "My Profile" in the online edition of the Newsletter and click "Subscribe"
  2. We will confirm your subscription and you will receive a reduction on all upcoming ACA events you register for, plus have a one year subscription to the ACA Newsletter.
We have enjoyed developing this service over the past six months and hope that you will help us to extend the reach of the publication by forwarding articles to your colleagues and staff. Thank you and please contact us if there are any questions (,  Bernd Wächter, Director of ACA