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Netherlands favours exceptionally-talented foreigners

Well-targeted and easily-understandable migration policies, as well as efficiently-managed migration systems, can be essential for attracting  students and retaining highly skilled graduates. Recently, the Netherlands came out with a new admission scheme aimed precisely at attracting highly educated migrants.

The new system favours foreign nationals who have obtained at least one master degree from a world-class university listed among the top 150 of the two internationally recognised world university rankings, that of  Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Times Higher EducationA master degree or a PhD qualification earned at a recognised Dutch university also makes foreign graduates eligible to apply for the ‘highly educated migrant scheme’. This point-based system intends to attract exceptional foreign talent and aims to enhance national economic competitiveness by providing a one-year, easily available residence permit.

In the global competition for talent, individual countries can increase their competitiveness by designing advantageous schemes for international students. Can the Netherlands’ solution meet these challenges? The results may only be measurable indirectly and over a significant period of time.