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NAWA: “Solidarity with Ukraine” programme updates

The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), due to the war in Ukraine and in the sense of solidarity with the local academic and scientific community, has launched a call for applications for the "Solidarity with Ukraine" programme. The initiative is addressed to Polish institutions ready to accept Ukrainian refugees - students and PhD students who have decided to continue their education in Poland.

“The Polish academic and scientific community has passed a difficult exam. In a sense of solidarity with the Ukrainians, from the first days of the war, it began to act to provide not only shelter, but also the possibility of continuing education and research work for representatives of the academic and scientific community in Ukraine. I am glad that as NAWA - in the face of what we are witnessing - we were once again able to provide a tool to build a slightly better world,” said Dr. Grażyna Żebrowska, Director General of NAWA.

The programme aims to ensure the continuity of education for students and PhD students who had to move from Ukraine to Poland after 24 February as refugees and who were prevented from studying or carrying out scientific work in their country. After a few rounds of consultations, a programme was developed for universities and supervised by either the Ministry of Education and Science or the Ministry of Health; they wanted to enable students to continue their studies, prepare a doctoral dissertation or undergo other forms of education free of charge.

98 institutions (universities and research institutes) have submitted funding applications, and each of these institutions has received funding. The amount of granted funds is over EUR 4.7 million.

More information about the programme can be found here.