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NAWA: New calls for proposals are open!

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA)—ACA Member from Poland, has recently announced two new calls for its ongoing funding programmes, namely ‘Welcome to Poland’ and ‘Urgency Grants’.

‘Welcome to Poland’ is a funding programme administrated by NAWA to lend financial support to actors involved in higher education. The programme aims to foster Polish Higher Education Institutions’ (HEI) capacity to integrate foreign students, increase Polish HEIs infrastructural and organisational capacities to accommodate internationalisation and to promote international cooperation in the field of higher education. With its recently announced call, NAWA invites interested candidates to file their applications before 31 January 2023.

A second call was announced for the ‘Urgency Grants’ programme which aims to support the international cooperation of research teams or the international mobility of researchers in response to sudden and unforeseen social, political and natural events with significant regional or global implications. The implementation of projects under the programme enables researchers to collect data, acquire new knowledge and investigate the effects and significance of an extreme event as soon as possible after its occurrence. The deadline for this year’s applications is 15 November 2022.


In addition to these two funding programmes, NAWA continues its dedicated support for internationalisation of higher education with ‘Polonista’ and ‘Anders’ scholarship programmes granted to successful candidates. This year, 16 HEIs across Poland are granted funding for helping foreigners to learn Polish language more effectively in the context of culture and national heritage. Moreover, 129 students of Polish origin from various countries are awarded with funds for their studies in Poland.


More information on NAWA’s programmes here.