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NAWA launches Ulam Programme for incoming researchers





The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) is pleased to announce a new programme for incoming researchers: The Ulam Programme

The programme will give researchers the possibility to be a part of a unique and valuable experience and  develop their career by adding a Polish touch to their international mobility. The programme will also allow researchers to establish scientific cooperation with excellent host institutions in Poland. 
Only those who hold a doctoral degree are considered eligible. The Ulam Programme covers the following activities: 
  • conducting research and/or development work
  • post-doctoral training
  • obtaining materials for scientific work or publication
  • conducting didactic classes at the host centre
Visits within the Programme can last from 6 to 24 months. The Programme provides a scholarship covering both the beneficiary’s allowance costs in relation to his/her stay at a host institution, in an amount of approximately EUR 2 400 and a mobility allowance. The call is expected to be launched in early January 2019, with a submission deadline in April 2019. NAWA uses an online application process. 
Why Ulam?
Stanislaw Marcin Ulam (1909 -1984) was a Polish-American scientist in the fields of mathematics and nuclear physics. He took part in the Manhattan Project, originated the Teller-Ulam design of thermonuclear weapons, discovered the concept of cellular automaton, invented the Monte Carlo method of computation, and suggested nuclear pulse propulsion. With his pivotal role in the development of thermonuclear weapons, Stanislaw Ulam changed the world.
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